A fire caused up to $30,000.00 in damage to an Alexandria area home. The fire was reported yesterday afternoon just after 2:00 at 1351 County Road 22. The home owner, Steve Schulke, was outside when he heard an explosion. He ran in and found a fire in the basement, then shut the basement door and went out to call 911. Fire personnel were able to get the fire out before it spread anywhere else.

Friday night around ten, an accident was reported at the County road 45 & Lake Latoka intersection in Douglas County. 2 vehicles were involved, injuring Maggie Sammon, Jasmine Odegard, Elijah Campbell and a juvenile male. They were all taken to the hospital with the extent of the injuries not reported.

About 7000 cases of Taco Bell Salsa Con Queso mild cheese dip are being recalled because the product is showing signs that could cause C.botulinum, a bacteria that could cause life threatening illness. People are being warned not to use the product even if it looks good. The dip comes in a glass jar, 15 ounces in size with a best by date of December 27 2018 to January 23 2019. Your asked to return it to the store for an exchange or full refund.

According to the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office, an inmate attacked a corrections officer without provocation last Thursday morning, punching him in the face several times. Officer Ed Kaminskie, a 7 year veteran of the sheriff’s office, was completing a search of several cells and when he went to take the inmate back to his cell, the inmate started swinging at him. Kaminskie was able to radio for help and eventually was able to restrain the inmate.It was the 2nd inmate attack of the week, as another incident happened on Monday the 23rd.¬†Officer Jenny Wrobel was attacked, but was able to, with the help of another officer, subdue the inmate.

A plane crash Saturday evening around 7:20 took the life of 64 year old Ken Ryan of Alexandria. The plane went down west of Alexandria near TownHall road and 10th Ave. SW. The plane hit a power pole before ending up in the ditch. Ryan was an instructor at Alexandria Tech and community college. It was the 2nd plane crash near Alexandria over the week-end. A plane lost power Friday evening around seven. The pilot was doing touch
and goes at the Alexandria airport when it lost power and crash landed on the southwest side of Lake Winona. The pilot was able to get out on his own and was not hurt.

74 year old Jesus Diaz of Willmar is the man a charged with allegedly trying to pull a 10 year old girl into a restroom last Wednesday. Diaz is facing felony charges from the incident, which happened at Target in Willmar. He was in court last Friday.

Greg Scheel of Paynesville, accused of killing his grandparents last March, will be in court Thursday in Stearns County. Scheel was indicted there on first and second degree murder of Wilbert and Gloria Scheel, his grandparents.

He will also be in court in Chippewa County tomorrow on theft,escape, and impaired driving charges, and is schedule to be in court in Willmar August 16th on felony theft charges.

The Willmar City Council will meet a 5:00 this afternoon at the Health and Human Services Building for a work session. The five year capital Improvement and Vehicle Replacement Program is on the agenda. It is required to be reviewed according to the city charter.

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