A new law is in effect when it comes to people driving while intoxicated. Regardless of the vehicle they’re driving, they’ll now lose their license and be prohibited from operating motor vehicles, including snowmobiles, atv’s and boats. The legislature passed the law following the death of an 8 year old who died last January after being hit by an intoxicated person who had multiple DWI offenses. Before the new law was passed, people could still drive boats, snowmobiles & atv’s even after being convicted of a DWI in a highway licensed vehicle.

While brew pubs & wineries continue to grow in popularity around Minnesota, they’re being joined by another business, that being small distilleries. Numbers have been growing after the legislature lowered annual license fees from $30,000 down to a thousand dollars, and allowed them to sell small amounts of their spirits on site. Around the area, Panther Distillery, in Osakis began making whiskey and other spirits in 2012. At last resort, 1600 small distilleries had popped up around the country, including 35 in Minnesota applying for permits. To compare, there are around 150 craft breweries in the state and 75 small
scale wineries.

The state fair’s food guy will be retiring after this year’s get together. Dennis Larson, the license administration manager, the man whose job it is to choose which vendors get a coveted spot inside the fair, says this year will be his last. Larson, who views the fair as a giant menu, mentioned that last year, nearly 2 million people ditched their diets to the tune of nearly $40 million dollars in food sales.

A “Meet the Candidates” forum will be held tonight in Willmar at 7:00 at the Municipal Utilities building in Willmar.  County Commissioner candidates will be featured tonight including incumbent Rollie Nissen, and challengers Dale Anderson, Bruce Shuck and Duane Hultgren.

Additional deer hunting opportunities will be available in Minnesota this fall as numbers have been rebounding due to a favorable past winter season and conservative harvest levels in recent years. This year there are more deer permit areas where hunters can use bonus permits to harvest more than one deer and fewer doe lottery areas. Hunters can buy deer licenses now, and also apply for antler-less deer permits now thru September 6th. Archery season opens Sept. 15th, and the firearms season opens November 3rd

A motorcycle accident Tuesday around 11:30 am injured a man near Alexandria. Witnesses called authorities after seeing a motorcycle leave the road on Arrowwood Drive NW after not handling a curve. The driver, 20 year old Alex Olson of Alexandria, was taken to the hospital in Alexandria to be treated.

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