Progress is being made on small grain harvesting in the state as warm dry weather settled in. Meanwhile, the USDA says 82 of corn has reached the dough stage or beyond. Corn dented was 26, and the corn silage harvest has begun. The corn condition is rated at 74 good to excellent. 97 of the soybean crop was setting pods or beyond with 5 turning color  and 67 rated good to excellent.

According to a report, the state of Minnesota has been setting aside $10 million dollars a year since 2014 to fight invasive species in lakes and  waterways. Counties receive funding after submitting a spending plan. All but three counties in the state get money from the state, with allocations based on a formula involving the number of public boat landings and boat trailer parking spaces in the county. Recently, Eagle Lake north of Willmar became the tenth lake in the county to have zebra mussels found in it.

AND—with teachers like this, who needs the traditional classroom? Kandice Mason, a middle school teacher in Raeford, North Carolina, has been suspended with pay for moonlighting as a pole dance instructor. An investigation was started after school officials saw a video of her on her Facebook account. The school says they have a policy that says employees are role models who are responsible for their public conduct even when they
are not performing their job duties. Mason says she’s not ashamed of her “part time pastime”, and sees pole dancing as an art form and a good way to stay in shape!

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