The American Coalition for Ethanol presented its grassroots Award this year to Dale Tolifson of Benson. Tolifson is a lifelong Minnesota corn grower’s association leader and founding member of the Chippewa Valley Ethanol Cooperative. A Benson area farmer, Tolifson worked from 91′ to 95′ raising funds and gathering membership for the cooperative. He also served as chairman of the board for 13 years.

A 29 year old Hawick man was jailed in Stearns County after being involved in a theft of lumber from an area farm. The incident happened a week ago today. Matt Bloomquist and another person are accused of bringing a truck to a farm site to steal lumber and other items, but got stuck in a large pile of manure. The other man took off, but Bloomquist stayed by the truck, wearing jean shorts over long underwear, and had no shoes on. He was covered in manure from the waist down. It was obvious that they’d tried to get the truck out for some time. He was taken to the Stearns County Jail, but not before the deputy stopped at the squad garage to rinse some of the manure off him. The trip to jail was done with the squad car windows down!

Fall color changes will be happening soon around Minnesota and the DNR reminds you that an online tool that is updated weekly will keep you informed. Go to the DNR website and click on “fall color finder”. You can also sign up to receive free text alerts regarding fall color peaks around the state.


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