A Stearns County Deputy was shot in the forearm from an arrow from a compound bow from an incident in the Sauk Centre area yesterday forenoon. Initially, a report came in of a pickup stolen from Osakis, and it had been seen pulling into Sauk Centre. The driver ran into a building, drove through back yards and smashed through a garage. The 31 year old suspect ran into a home, then appeared on the 2nd floor with the compound bow and shot the deputy. Officers returned fire, hitting the man in the shoulder, his rear end and one
of his hands. After a swat team negotiated, the man appeared and said he’d been shot. He
was tasered and taken into custody and then to the St. Cloud hospital. The deputy, Paul Orvis, needed surgery to remove the arrow. He’s listed in good condition.

Good news for area drivers-the highway 71 road construction project will see detours removed by the end of today, approximately 8 pm. The highway got a “chip seal” this week—which will look a bit different, be a bit noisier, and may cause some increased vibration for bicyclists. Chip sealing protects the pavement and extends the life of the road.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has place Wright County under an emergency quarantine after emerald ash borer was found along the 1-94 corridor in the town of Clearwater. The quarantine is to limit the movement of firewood and ash material out of the county. Officials say that someone moving ash wood into the county brought in
infested wood. Log on to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture website to learn more
about the emerald ash borer and what to do if a tree you have may be infested.


The Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds campaigners that state law prohibits placement of private signs, political or any other, on highway right of way land in the state. Highway rights of way can include driving lanes, inside and outside shoulders, ditches, sight corners at intersections and boulevards in urban areas. And signs cannot be placed on private land without the consent of the landowner. Violation of the law is a misdemeanor, and there may be civil penalties should the sign contribute to a crash, causes injury to people and damage to vehicles.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota’s adult obesity rate rose to 28.4 last year. The state is the only one in a 12 state region below 30. Minnesota has remained well under the national obesity rate since 2007. The current national rate is 30.1

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