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Minnesota’s firearms deer season begins one half hour before sunrise this Saturday morning. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is expecting about one half million hunters again this year. Some hunters will have additional opportunities because deer numbers continue to rebound and many areas now have populations at or above goal levels. Hunters can find deer hunting information at mndnr.gov/hunting/deer.

Zebra Mussels have been found in central Minnesota Lakes, including Ketter Lake in Stearns County, Mound Lake in Todd County and Crookneck Lake in Morrison County. Property owners contacted the DNR about the mussels. Recently, Elkhorn Lake just south of Spicer became the 11th Kandiyohi County Lake to reports zebra mussels found.

Student turnout could play a major role in several close races across Minnesota according to experts, organizers and activists. According to the University of Minnesota’s Center for the study of Politics and Governance, if younger people turn out to vote they could swing some contests.

In the past two midterm elections the turnout among 18-24 year olds was over 30 lower than the general population, even though Minnesota overall had one of the highest turnouts of voters in the nation. Close races this year could result in a higher turnout.


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