Higher costs have caused plans to be re-evaluated for the city of Willmar’s northeast water treatment plant. Costs have risen to around 14 million dollars according to officials, who had thought the project would come in just under 9 million. A number of factors came into play with the increase, and the original estimate was done 3 years ago, and costs usually increase as time goes by.

Kandiyohi County’s tax levy increase will be the biggest nearly 10 years. Thecommissioners yesterday voted on the increase, citing bigger operational costs including employee pay, benefits, and worker’s comp premiums. The budget for next year will be $78.1 Million and $33.8 million net property tax levy for next year. At last week’s Truth in Taxation hearing, citizen’s had the opportunity to comment on the budget, but no one did.

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs yesterday announce a $2.8 million dollar donation from the estate of the late Vietnam Veteran Steven Williams, the money to be used for construction of the Montevideo Veterans Home. This is the largest single private gift benefiting a State Veterans Home in Minnesota. Williams grew up near Montevideo, joined the Army in 1968 and received a number of military decorations, then upon his honorable discharge, worked for Hormel for 30 years, eventually retiring in Nevada. He passed away this past March. His brother Jim Williams, who still lives in the area, worked as the estate trustee to help make his brother’s wishes happen. The Veteran’s Home in Montevideo is currently in the pre-planning stage and hopefully will be open by the summer of 2021.


The Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources will hold a public meeting Thursday December 6th from 9:30 until noon at the Glenwood State Banks conference room. This will be the Implementation Advisory Team Meeting for the Bonanza Valley Groundwater Management Area Plan. The plan outlines steps the DNR will take over the next 5 years to ensure that groundwater supplies locally remain adequate to meet needs while supporting healthy lakes, streams and wetlands. The meeting again will be held December 6th in Glenwood at the Glenwood State Bank Conference room.


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