According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 40 of American Adults have not gotten a flu shot this year and do not plan on doing so. Most were concerned about the side effects, while others believe that the vaccine simply does not work very well, or that they would not get the flu. Health experts trying to sell the vaccine say that side effects are mild and it does not cause the flu. Last season was a record high number for people dying from the flu.

State Representative Dave Baker of Willmar says he plans to continue to advocate for a lower tax burden for families and businesses in the coming session. The state announced last week that there is a surplus of $1.54 Billion now, and the state’s budget reserves are over $2 Billion, the largest in state history. A number of people are calling on politicians around the state to lower the tax burden and get Minnesota off the top of the list of highest taxed states in the nation. Taxes have continually risen from the town and city level to county and state levels, an in November the people elected a governor who ran on a raise
taxes campaign” according to some. Politicians return to the Capital in St. Paul shortly after the first of the year.

MnDOT will host an open house Thursday December 13th from 5-7 in the community room at the Pope County Courthouse in Glenwood. They’ll be sharing info and getting feedback on the preliminary design for the proposed highway 29 overpass at the junction of Highways 29 and 55. Maps and other visual delays will be set up at the open house. The public is urged to attend, December 13th in Glenwood from 5-7 at the courthouse.

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