Walleye fishing regulations are changing on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River March first. New winter regulations will match the summer regs according to the DNR.
That will reduce the aggregate walleye and sauger limit from 8 to 6, with no more than 4 walleye in the total. The protected slot limit remains in effect with walleyes 19.5 to 28 inches long being released, and only one fish over 28 inches allowed in possession. And on the Rainy River and 4 mile Bay, there will be a catch and release season from March first to April 14th .Expanded winter fishing pressure on the lake has caused the changes to be made.

The centers for disease control says that children are brushing their teeth with so much tooth paste that it is unhealthy! The CDC says that about 40% of youngsters ages 3 to 6 are using more toothpaste than recommended, which can damage enamel, eventually causing white marks, dental fluorosis, and teeth discoloration. Dentists are recommending 3 to 6 years old use a pea size amount of toothpaste, and younger than 3 years old just an amount the size of a grain of rice!

A woman alleged to be an accomplice to a murder met the accused murderer, Caleb Blue, while she worked as a corrections officer in Willmar, where Blue was an inmate. Lori Harris Gafkjen’s attorney says she should not be tried unless Blue is convicted. He has been indicted for first degree murder, while Gafkjen is charged with three felonies for aiding an offender.

The Renville County Sheriff’s Office yesterday responded to a crash on highway 4 north of Hector, where a car stuck on a bridge was rear ended by a pickup that then left the scene. 31 year old Michael Hoium of Rochester suffered minor injuries and his car was totaled. Another call came in around 4 pm, a 3 car accident north of highway 212 on U.S. 71. Conditions were near white out. No one was injured. A number of accidents left people stranded and Governor Tim Walz declared a peace time state of emergency and had the National Guard rescue stranded motorists with their specialized vehicle. The guard also opened the Olivia Armory to use as a shelter.


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