Firemen from the Chain of Lakes Department, along with Richmond, Paynesville and St. Martin were called to a she on fire owned by Roman and Jennifer Burg of Richmond. The fire last Saturday morning at 9 am destroyed the shed and its contents, which included a camper, truck, skid loader and other items. The cause of the fire is not known yet.

State Representative Dave Baker of Willmar is working on legislation that would help cover costs for teachers to go back to college and get their master’s degrees, or if they choose, and administrative degree. Baker says that Minnesota’s colleges spend millions each year to help keep tuition rates low and keep buildings and grounds maintained. He’s asking that some of the investments to towards letting public educators go back to school and learn for free. Baker is also looking into legislation that would reduce the amount of paperwork that special education teachers are currently required to deal with.

There is growing concern in the scientific and public health community that chronic wasting disease, which is killing deer in Minnesota and elsewhere could jump to people…that news surfaced last Thursday at a hearing at the state capitol where a number of health experts said that it should be treated as a public health issue and mot just a wildlife and hunting concern.

Sunday night around 7:30 the Stearns Co. Sheriff’s Office got a call of a fire in Richmond. The one bedroom with loft style home was a complete loss. The occupants, 54 year old Marguerite Johnson and 16 year old Jonathan Cable were able to get out ok. Cause of the fire, that happened on Elkview Circle in Richmond, is unknown at this time.

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