According to reports, Target Stores made a change in its app after an investigation found certain prices on the app switched when customers entered the parking lot of their stores. An updated version of the app now clearly states either “online” or in-store next to the price of every product on the app. A Target spokesperson says that recent feedback changed their approach to pricing within the app to make it easier to understand pricing and the price match policy they have.

You’ve maybe seen the TV commercial, people on the frozen lake, a chainsaw, an outboard motor—coolers and chairs. Well, it happens around here! Stearns county deputies were called out to Beave Lake in St. Augusta recently, where a large number of people were having a good time. They had cut an “ice carousel”, but had no outboard motor to get it spinning. Instead, they were using a pickup to get it to turn. Officers had a discussion pertaining to safety and driving rules! Luckily the ice was nearly 25” thick and there was no imminent danger of anyone taking an inadvertent bath!

Where does a false ID, no insurance, and driving after revocation get you? A room at the Meeker County jail for a 42 year old man! He was arrested by Litchfield police on those charges along with giving a false name and date of birth this past Monday night just after 11 pm. He was taken to the Meeker County Jail pending an appearance in Meeker County District Court in Litchfield.

The Minnesota Corn Growers will be offering its first ever statewide scholarship for college students who want to become future Ag leaders. The corn growers will offer two $5,000.00 scholarships to students who are currently enrolled or will be enrolled as full-time undergraduate students during the fall 2019 semester. The statewide scholarship will supplement scholarships long offered through local county corn organizations.

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