Icy roads were the cause of an accident on highway 19 in Redwood County Tuesday night around 9 pm. 32 year old Amanda Malmquist of Grove City was not injured. Her vehicle went into the ditched and rolled.

22 year old Kaylin Hare of Litchfield was injured when her SUV collided with a pickup driven by 52 year old Tim Servin of Dassel. They hit at an intersection in Meeker County that had obstructed view due to snow.

An accident Tuesday afternoon around 4:30 pm on highway 212 west of Dawson injured 56 year old Doug Peterson of Canby. His pickup slid off the icy road and rolled. He suffered non-life threatening injuries and was treated at the Dawson hospital.

A top U.S. regulator says he wants to meet Walgreen’s leaders to discuss whether the drugstore chain has a problem with illegal tobacco sales to minors. Scott Gottlieb with the Food & Drug Administration said earlier this week that Walgreens is a top violator among drugstores that sell cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. Gottlieb says that since 2010 inspectors have found nearly 1800 instances of Walgreens stores violating the law.

A hearing on Capitol Hill in D.C. concerning measles outbreaks took place Tuesday. There is bi-partisan growing concern about all of the anti- vaccination conspiracy theories that are putting lives at risk. Measles outbreaks continue in Washington State as well as out east. Some states are now looking at tightening vaccine requirements for school kids, making it tougher to get exemptions. A recent study of over 650,000 children showed that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine did not increase the risk of autism and did not trigger autism in kids who are at risk.

Minnesota’s manufacturing companies created 7,025 new jobs in 2018, 22% of all new jobs in the state. Companies continue to have problems finding workers with the skillset needed, or even someone who wants to learn according to reports. The tri-state manufacturers association recently named Dycast Specialties of Starbuck as the 2018 manufacturer of the year. Dycast makes precision zinc and aluminum die castings.

Lottery winners in Minnesota may soon be able to remain anonymous, no longer putting themselves or family members at risk by being made public by state law. A bill in the legislature calls for a one word change that would keep winners anonymous. The bill passed a committee by voice vote and will be heard in the Senate judiciary committee. Over a half dozen states already keep lottery winners anonymous, including South Carolina, where the mega millions single ticket holder from last October who won the 1.5 billion jackpot, sent an attorney forward just last week to claim a cash lump sum payment of over 850 million dollars.

Scientists, along with the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Center have issued a warning about an invasive grass that’s threatening wetlands in the state and spreading. The invasive strain, known as phragmites, grows faster, taller and thicker than the grass native to Minnesota. You’re asked to contact the DNR this spring once the grasses start growing and report anything that is noticeably different.

As if your hands aren’t tied enough by regulations and rules, parents in Connecticut are asking lawmakers to pass a law allowing kids to put on their own sunscreen before going out to recess this spring once it warms up. Schools are requiring nurses to do it, and the kids often skip it as it takes too much time, thus putting youngsters at risk for skin cancer. This issue has popped up in Minnesota and other states as well in the past year.

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