A total of 5 arrests were made when Redwood County Police and a task force executed several search warrants in Redwood Falls Monday and Tuesday. Charges include controlled substances sale and possession. Meth, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs were seized and more charges and arrests are expected.

Winter load increases on highways expire today in the southern, central, southeast and metro zones according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Spring load restrictions begin Friday (tomorrow). Frost zones can be found on the MnDOT website by looking up the load limits Map.

Results of the 2019 moose survey in Minnesota shows the population low, but stable according to the DNR. Estimates show the number at 4,180 and with results showing a 90% certainly, the population in Minnesota’s northeast could be anywhere from
3,250 to 5,580. The greatest number of moose date back to 2006 when the estimate was 8,840. The DNDR reminds you that, while well intended, it is not good to be feeding Deer, as risks far outweigh benefits.

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