There’ll be no shortage of roadwork around the state this Memorial Day Week-end.
MnDOT and Law Enforcement agencies remind you to buckle up, slow down in the work zones and pay attention while behind the wheel. Around our area, road work is being down on I-94 near Alexandria, along with roads around Elbow Lake, Appleton, Grove City, Marshall, Milan, and between Starbuck & Glenwood, and Annandale to Maple Lake. All other parts of the state have projects going on as well.

Area sheriff’s offices are urging you to hang up on and report any calls you get from people calling themselves the “Minnesota Sheriff’s Association”. They are calling and asking for donations. The real MSA does not call people regarding fundraising. It is all done through the mail. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your local sheriff’s Dept.

The Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce has set December 27th as the night for the annual Red Carpet Event. The Willmar Conference Center will be the site again for the gala. The dinner and show will feature Wisconsin singer Chris Kroeze (kree’—zee) from Barron, Wisconsin. Kroeze was on “the Voice” last year and finished runner-up. For ticket information and more, contact the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.

With the long holiday week-end comes a lot of backyard fun and enjoyment—grilling, neighbors coming over, lawn games, and for some, watching birds as they come to the feeders you may have set up. The Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources has a reminder for you to be sure to clean the feeders as moldy birdseed and unclean feeders can make birds sick. In spring, and also in warm humid weather, mold is common on wet birdseed, and salmonella can form as well. The DNR suggests using 9 parts water to 1 part bleach for scrubbing the entire surface. Then, allow the feeder to dry in the sun. And, hummingbird feeders should be cleaned every week to 10 days also. Mold can form on seed on the ground, and can also attract mice and voles, raccoon, deer, and in some places in Minnesota, bears. The DNR has info about bird feeding, and also books on attracting birds and landscaping. Log on at:


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