Three teenage girls were arrested Wednesday afternoon after they mugged and assaulted an elderly man in an alley outside his home in the Merrian Park neighborhood. According to police, the girls ganged up on the man, hit him in the head and stole his wallet and threatened to burn down his house if he told anyone. The three arrested were a 14-year-old, 13-year-old and 12-year-old, due to their age their names are being withheld. They face charges of robbery and assault.

Four St Paul firefighters were treated for heat exposure while fighting a house fire Wednesday morning. Crew arrived at a Dayton’s Bluff home on Plum Street shortly after 11am. The fire was on multiple levels of the house. The fire was difficult to locate which is what likely led to the heat exposure. The four firemen were in observation briefly at the hospital and then sent home. The house fire appears to be accident, but it is still under investigation.

Fridley police have arrested a man in connection to an attempted abduction that occurred Friday. He’s been identified as 28-year-old Aaron Johnson of Coon Rapids. Johnson attempted to abduct a 7-year-old girl by trying to pull her into his car on Taylor Street NE. Luckily the little girl was able to break free and run to get help.

The new hands-free cellphone law goes into effect today.  The law forbids drivers from holding phones or other electronic devices while driving. There is no grace period—violators of the new law will be fined $50-dollars the first time you break the law after that it will cost you $275-dollars.

AmeriCorps is looking to hire about 500 school tutors in the Twin Cities metro area and a thousand tutors statewide. Officials from the non-profit group say that the demand is high for reading and math tutors for the upcoming school year. AmeriCorps is currently accepting applications online.

A homeowner in Medina found out the hard way that you can’t shoot geese for pooping in your front yard. Police issued a citation to the man last week after the man shot and killed six geese with a pellet gun. The man told police he had no idea it was illegal, and that he was plain fed up with waterfowl, fouling up his patio. The man said at one point he had over two dozen of them out on his patio.

Three teenage girls are in hot water after they took their parent’s van out for joy ride that ended in a police chase. Willmar police early Tuesday morning responded to a suspicious van near the school when officers tried to get them to pull over, the driver floored it, blowing through stop signs and driving 50 mph. The chase ended when the van pulled into the driveway of a home on Trott Ave Southwest and three teens try and make a break for it, which failed. The trio have been charged with underage consumption, driving without a license, fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and fleeing a police officer on foot.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo is promising transformational change as a debate over new officers continues. Arradondo plan includes broad changes in officer screening, training, and discipline.

Minnesota lawmakers are set to meet up in Winona in October.  The two-day mini-session will include a series of committee hearings, tours and presentations.  It is the first of its kind in over two decades.

The St. Louis County Sheriff’s office is investigating after a man drowned in St. Louis Bay.  Authorities say 46-year-old James Leavell went under the water and didn’t resurface on Sunday afternoon.  First responders pulled him from the water and he died later at a hospital.

Minneapolis Public Schools is welcoming a new associate superintendent.  Minneapolis North High School principal Shawn Harris-Berry has left her post for the new position with the district.  She said her decision to take the new position was influenced by her desire to have a greater reach.  She started the new job on July 22nd.

Minneapolis homeless students and their families are getting housing support.  City officials say more than 160 homeless students now have stabilized home lives.  About 190 additional school-age children in Minneapolis are going through the screening process.  The city launched Stable Homes, Stable Schools in the 2018-2019 school year.

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