St Joseph police believe alcohol played a role in the crash yesterday afternoon that left a woman injured. The accident happened around 12:30pm at the intersection of County roads 2 and 75. Officers say a 45-year-old man driving a sedan crashed into the back of pickup truck that was stopped at a red light. The driver of the truck suffered minor injuries; the driver of the sedan was not injured.

The Big Lake Police Department is investigating after screws and nails were spread out on roads yesterday in Sherburne County that caused damage to several vehicles. According to the police department’s facebook page, several location and roadways were targeted: Big Lake, Zimmerman and Orrack. Even a police squad car was damaged. Police are asking anyone with any information to help police to please call, and if your vehicle was damaged in this incident please report it online

Police say the driver who crashed his SUV into a Starbucks Monday night was intoxicated.  The driver was booked yesterday on suspicion of driving while impaired and felony vehicular operation. He hasn’t been charged but remained in jail. Two people inside the Starbucks were injured in the crash.

Hundreds of nurses are picketing Essential Health and St. Luke’s hospital in Duluth over contract negotiations. Both health systems are going through separate negotiations. The nurses picketing say low staffing levels and high turnover are impacting patient care.

A bidding war is going on at an auction for a 17-foot-tall Paul Bunyan Statue. The state was handmade and has been part of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Eco Exhibit at the State Fair. The statue is made out of cardboard, flannel and old discarded wigs. The bidding started at 50-dollars.

20 more people have fallen ill after swimming in Lake Nokomis. State health officials said on Friday these people just recently developed the symptoms of the bacterial infection. This brings the total number of those sick to 70. With this being the case, the lake’s two beaches will remain closed for the duration of the swimming season.

The state Supreme Court is set to rule on St. Paul’s trash plan this week.  A citizen’s group is seeking a public vote on the plan.  An attorney for the city says voters can’t interfere with a valid contract with haulers.  The court will issue a decision before Friday with a more detailed ruling to come later.

Del Monte is planning to close the Sleepy Eye canning plant.  All full-time and seasonal workers will be laid off.  Company officials made the announcement yesterday that it will permanently close the plant at the end of the year’s harvest and packing season.  The plant opened back during the Great Depression and has been operating for nearly 90 years.

Today was the first day of school at the brand-new upper campus at Minnehaha Academy after the deadly explosion two years ago. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held earlier this week.  The explosion happened back in 2017 when work crews were moving a gas meter.

St. Paul Schools Superintendent Joe Gothard is beginning negotiations on the renewal of his contract.  Gothard got a positive review by the school board yesterday and members are planning to work with him on another three-year contract.

A new rankings list has Minnesota leading the nation as the friendliest state. That is according to travel website Big 7 who conducted the survey. The rankings were based on first impressions at airports, train stations and other factors. Big 7 says quote, “Minnesota takes the top spot due to its extraordinary friendly residents. It’s called ‘Minnesota Nice’ for a reason. Tennessee came in second followed by South Carolina, Texas and Wyoming rounding out the top five. New York, no surprise came in dead last.


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