One lucky fair goer had the luck of the Irish with them. A woman stopped by the Minnesota Lottery booth yesterday and purchased the special package: $20 dollars’ worth of scratch-off tickets or any other lottery product and you get a free Vikings t-shirt. One of the tickets had a winning ticket for $100-thousand dollars, the largest lottery winner the State Fair has ever had. The lucky lady told W-C-C-O 4 news that she really only bought the package for the t-shirt.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter wants to take money from the police department’s mental health unit and give it to the fire department.  Carter’s 2020 budget proposal would move over 230-thousand dollars to the fire department.  Otherwise, the police mental health unit would remain the same.

New data released by Minnesota officials shows that high school graduation rates are up overall.  This year’s State of Our Students report includes the North Star Accountability plan.  The report shows 2018 graduation rates increased a half-percent over last year.  Groups with the lowest graduation rates in the state are American Indian students and students experiencing homelessness.

Eden Prairie police are warning of a possible cougar on the prowl.  An Eden Prairie resident took a photo Monday afternoon to show the possible cougar near Purgatory Creek.  Authorities are working with the wildlife officials to positively identify the animal.  Police were told of a different possible sighting near Staring Lake two weeks ago.

Red Wing’s iconic stoneware factory is closing this fall.  The building that houses the Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery factory has been sold.  The owners say they may continue to make custom pieces and products to sell at other stores.

Weekend traffic delays are expected in the Twin Cities.  Late rush-hour commuters will experience heavier traffic than usual today as volumes pick up on roads leading to sporting events, concerts, and the Minnesota State Fair.  Motorists traveling for Labor Day weekend are expected to clog roads, but major freeway closures will be on hold.

Minnesota traffic deaths were up by six-percent in 2018.  Officials say there were 381 traffic-related fatalities last year, but the state is already on pace to surpass that number this year.  Four of the top contributing factors to Minnesota traffic fatalities last year included Speed, not wearing a seatbelt, driving under the influence and distractions.

Officials say they’ve issued more than 16-hundred citations for violations of the state’s hands-free law since it went into effect on August 1st.  The two age ranges with the most violations received were for people between the ages of 20 and 29, who received 472 violations, and those between 30 and 39 who received 424.  The group with the fewest violations were drivers under the age of 20, with only 95.  Males were given more than 950 of the 16-hundred citations.

Eleven Red Cross volunteers in Minnesota are on their way to Florida to help provide aid when Hurricane Dorian hits.  Hurricane Dorian is currently forecast to hit the coast of Florida as a Category 4 storm in the upcoming days, prompting the Governor to issue a statewide emergency declaration.  The Red Cross has a disaster relief truck ready to respond to areas that suffer from the most damage.

A 40-year-old St. Paul College student is facing charges after police say he posted threats on social media.  Paul Moulton was charged Wednesday with threats of violence.  Police say Mouton was angry about not finding a class on the first day of the term on Tuesday, prompting the threats.  He allegedly posted on social media about having a shotgun and shooting two staff members.

Prince heir Alfred Jackson is dead from undisclosed causes in Kansas City.  Prince’s brother and another heir Tyka Nelson posted the information yesterday on Facebook.

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