St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell is calling for a “full department mobilization” in response to three deadly shootings in less than nine hours.  Three men were shot to death in the city between Monday afternoon and early yesterday morning.  Axtell said yesterday that he hasn’t seen a more violent night in his 30 years with the department.  St. Paul community leaders also spoke out against gun violence.

Xcel Energy Center concert-goers will soon be facing tighter security.  The venue announced yesterday that it will be adopting the Minnesota Wild’s restrictions on the size and composition of bags for all events.  Re-entries will also no longer be allowed for any reason.

Northeast Minneapolis neighbors have fought off a new apartment building on a popular street.  A developer has withdrawn a plan for a five-story building on Northeast 13th Avenue.  The abandoned proposal would have replaced three duplexes and a parking lot.

A 36-year-old Breckenridge man is facing 25 years in prison in connection with the death of his toddler son.  Tracy Brant pleaded guilty in July to the second-degree murder of his three-year-old son and was sentenced yesterday.

Essentia Health nurses have a new contract.  The Minnesota Nurses Association announced yesterday that the nurses had voted to ratify a three-year labor contract with the hospital system.  The new contract is backdated to July 1st.  The nurses union had reached a tentative agreement with hospital negotiators August 21st after three months of talks.

St. Louis County’s purchasing office is going to be more mindful of where it purchases supplies.  The County Board decided yesterday to “make every effort” to buy locally instead of from Amazon.  The board was reacting to news this summer that it purchased nearly 150-thousand-dollars’ worth of Amazon goods in 2018.  The purchasing director told the board that purchasers would still be making some purchases from Amazon, but those purchases will have to be approved by her office.

The letter documenting the termination of former Denfeld High School principal Tonya Sconiers outlines several reasons for her firing, including conduct unbecoming of a principal.  The letter describes the first reason for termination as insubordination, and goes on to state immoral character, and misusing sick leave as grounds for firing Sconiers.  Sconiers has filed suit against the Duluth School District and two of its leaders claiming violation of her First Amendment rights and discrimination on the basis of race and sex.

Great Lakes environmental groups are raising awareness of the threat of PFAS chemicals in the region’s water.  The nonprofit groups released a report yesterday showing the amount of pollution created by the chemicals associated with fire retardants, stain and water repellents, and nonstick cookware.  The groups say the pollution happens not just where the chemicals are produced, but also where they have been used or dumped.

Heavy rain is expected to continue into the afternoon in the Twin Cities.  The National Weather Service is advising drivers to look out for standing water on the roads.  The wet forecast is expected to continue into the evening and most of tomorrow before drier air arrives on Friday.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and his top cop plan to combat the recent surge of street violence in the city.  He joined police chief Todd Axtell yesterday when a five step plan was announced that included extra hours required for investigators. Actions involve the deployment of additional patrols by calling back to work officers who would normally be off and beefing up homicide and gang investigation with a task force made up of investigators from different units.

The first two cases of EHD are being reported in wild white-tailed deer in Minnesota.  DNR officials say several deer in the St. Stephen area of Stearns County have died from the virus.  Tests from two of the animals were positive for EHD, while the other deer were too decomposed to test.  The DNR claims the outbreak is limited to Stearns County.

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