Governor Walz says he’s willing to consider legislation that would allow college athletes in Minnesota to hire agents and make money off endorsements.  Walz said yesterday that he is uncomfortable with NCAA rules that prohibit athletes from hiring agents and earning from endorsements.  California’s governor signed legislation that will allow the same benefits for college athletes in that state.  Kentucky, Florida, and South Carolina are considering similar legislation.

Minnesota is one of seven states to receive a federal grant to study the reach of sickle cell disease.  The inherited blood disorder causes extreme episodes of pain and can lead to early death.  Public health officials say getting more information will help identify gaps in care to improve treatment and support services.

More than a dozen St. Cloud students have been expelled for the school year after being involved in a fight on the Tech High School campus.  Police announced the punishment yesterday and said some, if not all, may face criminal charges.  The fight broke out September 25th in a hallway between two 16-year-old boys.  Additional fights started within the next ten minutes and about 20 police officers responded to the disturbance.

A Waseca man riding his bike in southern Minnesota is dead after being struck by a motorist.  Anthony Hodge was biking on Highway 13 when he was struck by an SUV.  Hodge died at the scene.  Alcohol is not believed to be a factor in the crash, but the State Patrol says the road was wet at the time.

A suspect is charged with second-degree murder after police say he pistol-whipped and shot to death a stranger who was walking in downtown Minneapolis.  Varnell Allen was charged yesterday in the shooting death of 21-year-old Enzo Herrera-Garcia at the intersection of Eighth Street and Hennepin Avenue.  Police say the clash was a chance encounter.

The St. Paul School District is delaying its after-school programs for two weeks because of the state’s bus driver shortage.  District leaders announced yesterday that classwork set to begin Monday will now launch on October 21st.  About six-thousand students are signed up for this fall’s programs.

The second female director ever is starting at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  Katherine Luber was hired away from the San Antonio Museum of Art.  She is the 12th person to lead the MIA, which is one of the country’s leading museums.

Two men are facing attempted first-degree murder charges in Rochester.  The two are accused of shooting a man in the hallway of an apartment building in August.  The shooting left a 24-year-old man paralyzed.  Both suspects are being held on five-million dollars unconditional bail.

St. Louis County commissioners are clashing over race and privilege.  Commissioner Beth Olson raised concerns yesterday about comments made by commissioner Keith Nelson at a September 24th meeting.  Nelson had said he wouldn’t apologize for being white and male and Olson said yesterday that she felt Nelson had mocked and ridiculed her.  Olson also said community leaders are expected to understand their privilege.  She called on county commissioners to undergo training on culture, privilege, oppression, and power.

A proposed name change for Historic Fort Snelling is meeting with criticism in Rochester.  The first of five hearings was held Monday in Rochester by the Minnesota Historical Society.  Meetings will be held across the state to gather opinions of whether changes should be made to the name of Historic Fort Snelling.  A specific list of potential names hasn’t been compiled.

Criminal charges are expected today against a man accused of driving a SUV into people, buildings and other cars in South Minneapolis earlier this week.  Five Eyewitness News gained cell phone footage of a suspected carjacking that took place only minutes before the stolen vehicle struck two teens at the corner of Lake Street and 17th Avenue South.  The suspect is being held on possible robbery and DWI charges.  Police say he has not been cooperating with investigators.

A Blaine woman who was found guilty for causing a deadly crash in Minneapolis last year is going to prison for more than ten years.  Michele Reimann was sentenced Monday in Hennepin County Court.  Prosecutors say the 49-year-old defendant was driving without a license in June 2018 when she crashed and killed two people in an alley.  Reimann was also ordered to pay close to 15 thousand dollars in restitution.

The founding CEO of a Minneapolis-based amateur sports online-management service has a new job.  Onetime SportsEngine boss Justin Kaufenberg is now a partner with Rally Ventures.  His new duties include researching, making investments and serving on portfolio company boards, as well as advising portfolio firms.  Kaufenberg left SportEngine last week.

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