Minneapolis police say two people are hospitalized in serious condition after being shot last night in the Powderhorn neighborhood. It happened before 8pm on the 38-hundred block of Columbus Avenue. When officers arrived they found out the two managed to drive themselves to the ER. Both men underwent surgery last night and expected to recover. So far no one is in custody.

A 28-year-old man is behind bars after stabbing a woman walking with her five young children yesterday afternoon. It happened around 3pm near 18th Avenue Southwest and Folwell Drive Southwest. Rochester police say the man came up on the woman and began swinging his arms and bags at them, and then stabbed her in the back with scissors and ran. The man was taken into custody shortly after. The woman was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. The children were not injured.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says he will be pushing President Trump’s campaign to pay the costs associated with its upcoming rally.  Campaign officials say they’ve reached an agreement with the venue operator and won’t pay anything extra.  The campaign had threatened to sue the city Monday after the operators of the Target Center threatened to cancel its contract for the event if the campaign didn’t agree to reimburse Minneapolis for security and logistics costs.  The Target Center backed off on its request and the rally will go ahead as scheduled.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is lobbying for federal money to build a safety and security center.  A new nearly 78 million dollar facility will provide a centralized location for operations such as police, fire, and emergency communications.  The services are now located in five different locations across the airport.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are finding the potential environmental impact of nanoparticles.  The researchers found that a bacterium commonly found in soil and water adapts when exposed to certain nanoparticles.  They aren’t sure if the mutation is dangerous but battery nanoparticles are doing something unintended.

Traffic congestion is expected tomorrow in Minneapolis surrounding President Trump’s rally.  Thousands of people are expected to come downtown to either attend or protest the rally.  Some roads will be closed with transit detours.  Some delays are expected at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to accommodate flights for the president and Vice President.

The sale of Cub stores is expected to happen early next year.  The new owners set up a possible timeline for the sale last week during the company’s earnings call.  UNFI bought Supervalu and its Cub and Shoppers Food and Pharmacy stores in 2018.  Cub has 80 stores in Minnesota and one in Illinois.

A Duluth breast milk donor depot is open.  It is located at Essentia Health and connects mothers who produce extra milk with babies in need.  The site is northeastern Minnesota’s first milk donor depot.  The milk is pasteurized before it’s distributed to kill many harmful viruses and bacteria.

The Twin Cities could experience the first snowfall of the season.  The National Weather Service says a major winter storm is expected to impact the Dakotas tonight.  There may be light snowfall Friday night in western Minnesota.  A forecast for snow showers on Saturday will bring a small amount of accumulation.

The militia-style group The Oath Keepers is looking for volunteers to protect President Donald Trump supporters who plan to take part in tomorrow’s rally in downtown Minneapolis.  The organization’s leaders say those backing the president need protection from radical and America hating leftists that plan to disrupt the campaign event.  The Oath Keepers website says that they are a non-partisan group of current and former military, police and first responders, who pledge to fulfill the oath of defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The Minnesota State Patrol is investigating a deadly two-vehicle crash in Todd County.  Authorities say the collision happened yesterday morning on Highway 210 and Highway 71.   There were two occupants in each vehicle at the time of the crash.  Details of fatalities and the extent of injuries to victims are expected to be released sometime today.

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