President Donald Trump is making a case for four more years.  The president delivered a lengthy speech last night at Target Center in Minneapolis, rallying supporters.  Trump mocked and attacked political opponents, repeatedly bashing efforts to impeach him.  He got personal with Minneapolis leaders, calling U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar an “America-hating socialist” and labeled Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey “rotten.”  The president predicted he’d carry Minnesota on the way to victory for a second term.  Vice President Mike Pence and leading Minnesota Republicans also appeared at the rally.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is unsurprised by President Trump’s comments vilifying him.  Frey says the president brought a message of hatred to his rally last night at Target Center.

Police used moderate force to keep the peace outside President Trump’s rally as disturbances flared between supporters and protesters as the event wrapped up.  Protests outside Target Center were largely peaceful until protesters began burning Trump memorabilia in the street near the end of the night, including flags and Make America Great Again hats while confronting those in vehicles leaving the event.  A few blocks away, police shot pepper spray into a crowd during a disturbance where members of a pro-Trump militia-style group confronted police.  Mayor Jacob Frey expressed his full support in Chief Medaria Arradondo to address public safety needs.

Trump also played into a dispute between Frey and Minneapolis Police Officers Federation leader Bob Kroll.  Frey’s administration enacted a new policy in the weeks leading up to the rally that said off-duty officers couldn’t wear their uniforms to political rallies.  Kroll was pulled on stage at the rally wearing the Cops for Trump t-shirt the police union began selling in response to the new policy.  Trump implied Frey didn’t support police.

Police have several disturbances under control after clashes between supporters of President Trump and protesters.  People on either side of the spectrum of Trump support clashed outside Target Center last night as the president’s campaign rally wound down.  Police used pepper spray to calm several of the disturbances.

Vice President Mike Pence is promoting the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in Minnesota.  Pence visited Safety Signs in Lakeville yesterday to speak about the benefits the agreement will provide if Congress ratifies it.  The visit came earlier in the day, ahead of a boisterous Trump campaign rally in Minneapolis.

Leaders at the University of Minnesota say their plan for increases in nonresidents is working.  The U is bringing in a higher amount from out-of-state student tuition, despite the enrollment decline.  During a discussion yesterday, regents say the strategy has worked well.  Some student leaders say the increases have gone too far, and are scaring off talented students from other parts of the country.

Snowflakes are expected to fall in the Twin Cities this weekend and dump over six inches of snow in the Red River Valley.  The National Weather Service says a cold front moved into Minnesota overnight from the Dakotas, where a snowstorm continues to pound communities with heavy snow.  Meanwhile, this morning’s temperatures dropped into the 30s and brought heavy snow to the northwest corner of the state.  A winter storm warning is in effect until tomorrow afternoon

St. Anthony’s legal age for buying tobacco is now 21 after raising it from 18.  The City Council overwhelmingly passed the ordinance Tuesday.  Meanwhile, the Golden Valley council appears ready to do the same thing.  A final vote is set for Tuesday.  St. Paul also is considering a similar ordinance, with a public hearing set for Wednesday and a City Council vote expected later this month.

The estate of the late singer Prince says President Trump doesn’t have permission to play the star’s music at any campaign event.  Nevertheless, “Purple Rain” was playing at a Trump rally last night in Minneapolis, Prince’s hometown.  The official Twitter account for Prince posted a picture of a letter from the Trump campaign a year ago that promised it would never use Prince’s music again.  After doing it anyway, the Prince estate reaffirmed it will never give Trump permission to use Prince’s music.

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