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Need an ice shelter license?

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Ever wonder when your ice shelter needs a license? Minnesota fishing regulations recognize two types of shelters: portable and nonportable.

A portable shelter is one that collapses, folds or is disassembled for transportation. Portable shelters only need licenses and identification when left unattended, which is defined as all occupants being more than 200 feet away.

In contrast, all nonportable ice shelters must be licensed. Wheeled fish houses are not considered portable and must be licensed. Get all the details you need on our ice shelter page.

Ice is never 100% safe

Temperature, snow cover, currents, springs and rough fish all affect the relative safety of ice. Ice is seldom the same thickness over a single body of water.

The DNR does not measure ice thickness on Minnesota lakes. Your safety is your responsibility. Check ice thickness at least every 150 feet. Review our ice safety tips.

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