Gov. Walz proclaimed August 7 as Telecommuter Forward! Day.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota Governor Tim Walz addressed the state on Friday to announce a new website dedicated to COVID-19.

Gov. Walz says the goal is to be a one-stop portal for the complete data the state has regarding the virus.

The website covers things like available ICU beds, testing, how social distancing is working, and the capacity for child care for critical workers.

Gov. Walz says the state wants hospitals to be able to operate as normally as possible but be prepared for a surge in cases.

He also says many places are not releasing this data for fear it will cause panic, but he believes it is important to make sure Minnesotans are well informed.

“You deserve to have the information you deserve to have as much information you deserve to be as well versed as possible on the facts around COVID-19 the data that we are using to inform our decisions and then the plan of attack so that you can be part of this,” said Gov. Walz.

He says a goal is to make rapid testing widely available in Minnesota without relying on out of state agencies so the state can quickly recognize who is infected and needs to be isolated.

This will continue to buy Minnesota time to be ready when the peak of the virus comes to the state.

The website can be found here.


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