Kris Schiffler, owner of SHADYS incorporated, had plans to defy the governors STAY SAFE order and open their doors of all 6 locations to the public with respect to CDC guidelines and safety procedures.

The Attorney General Keith Ellison issued the bar and restaurant owner a warning stating that if he were to open his locations, he would be fined $25,000 per day per location with no cap on how many times he could be fined.

Kris took to facebook to discuss the phone call and his plan moving forward.

“We are prepared for COVID-19, we have been the whole time. We have licenses that approve that; food, health and liquor.  I dont want to see this happen to you guys ever again, I dont want to see one person decide whether or not we should be open.  It should be a vote of the people.  Here’s the deal, I’m gonna take this a little further for you guys.  SHADYS is willing to put their name on the line, we are willing to take this to supreme court.”

On Sunday, a GoFundMe page was started to raise a goal of $100,000 for legal fees with the promise that what is left over will be donated to other small businesses.  As of 1pm, Monday May 18th, the page had raised over $200,000.

The response to the GoFundMe spurred SHADYS owner to announce he would open his hometown location in Albany after all on Monday May 18th at 12p.

The Attorney General’s office has countered the business by getting permission from the courts to shut down the business as well as file a lawsuit against the business.

“My office has the duty to enforce the law and the Governor’s order, to protect Minnesotans’ health, and to protect businesses that are complying with the order from unfair competition. I take that duty seriously,” Ellison stated.

As of Monday May 18th, many have taken to calling the AG office with complaints of violating the constitution, as well as dozens of Minnesota House Republicans signing a letter calling on Ellison to stop threatening businesses that reopen.


After call from AG, Shady’s not opening today.

Posted by WJON on Monday, May 18, 2020

I wish I had better news!!! If the Go Fund me is something your interested in we would really appreciate any and all help!! Any money not used for attorney fees will help another small business open!

Posted by Kris R Schiffler on Saturday, May 16, 2020



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