“My name is Amy Gasca, I currently am employed at Olivia Hospital and Clinic and at Recover Health. Being a nurse has been one of the most rewarding things in my life. The feeling that I get when I am able to care for and to help people is something that I can’t even put into words. I cherish the bonds I have with the people I take care of. To know that I have made a difference in people’s lives is what I strive to do. Even during uncharted waters, there is nothing else I would rather do than take care of people! This picture is of me and a patient I take care of.”

Abbie Halvorson
”My passion for nursing stems from being influenced by one incredible person and one life changing experience. The person I am referring to is my grandma, a (retired) nurse. She has always been the rock of our family and the strongest woman I know. Life continues to shape me, but remembering the nights spent in a hospital waiting room will always keep me humble. I will never forget how a stranger made me feel solace during such an unfathomable time. A nurse. A nurse who wholeheartedly presented empathy, authenticity, integrity, and so much more. I am inspired to touch many lives in such a way.
Nursing has taught me that the little things in life matter and going the extra mile for someone is always worth it. Despite the challenge, I find it a true privilege to improve other people’s quality of life.”

Lindsay houdek

My name is Lindsay Houdek. I have been a Registered Nurse for almost 6 years. I currently work for Carris Health Rice Hospital in Willmar on the Inpatient Mental Health Unit. I absolutely love my job, it’s true when they say if you love you’re job, you never work a day in your life. As a nurse, I have the privilege of helping others when they are the most vulnerable. I witness some of their greatest triumphs and their greatest defeats. There is nothing better than attending a birth, holding the hand of someone who is dying, or helping someone achieve a better life through improving their health. It is a legacy that will live on long after you are gone. The patients and families will remember your warm smile, your gentle touch, the knowledge you shared, and the fact that you cared for them.
One of the things I love about being a nurse is that this career is flexible. There are so many routes and avenues and opportunities to go with the nursing career.


Heidi Webb
My name is Heidi and I have been a nurse for 14 years. I started my career as an LPN in a group home and then, as an RN, went to home care. I knew after my first home care patient that I was were I was suppose to be. I loved being able to support patients in their own home where they thrived the most. I currently work for Divine Home Care and love my work with pediatrics.





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