A unique poultry education program created by the University of Minnesota, Ridgewater College in Willmar and industry leaders will be launched this fall.

The multi-tiered program includes a series of courses at Ridgewater and the U of M that are designed to provide training to undergraduates and graduate students as well as those already working in the poultry industry.

It’s hoped the program will help create a better-educated workforce, ranging from on-the-farm employees to those who conduct research on poultry health and food safety.

All the classes this fall are delivered online, either through Ridgewater or the University, which includes the Mid-Central Research and Outreach Center. Located on the MinnWest Technology Campus in Willmar, the center has labs specifically for poultry research.

Additional information about the poultry certificate is available at the Ridgewater College website at www.ridgewater.edu and additional information about the University of Minnesota courses are available at poultrytraining.umn.edu.


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