With Stage 1 completed last week in Starbuck, crews resumed work on Monday at the intersection of Highway 28, 29 and 114. In addition to the intersection closing to traffic, Highway 114 up to Eighth Street is also closed.

Stage 2 will be completed in two parts. Stage 2a will involve the Highway 28, 29 and 114 intersection, including one block in each direction on Highway 28 and 29, and two blocks north on Highway 114 up to Eighth Street. Additional city work will take place north of Eighth Street, but that work will be done under traffic.

East and westbound traffic on Highway 28 is being rerouted to Wollan Street, Sixth Street and Abercrombie Street. North and southbound traffic on Highway 114 and Highway 29 will be detoured to Sixth Street, Abercrombie Street and East 8th Street. During times when crews are working at the 8th Street intersection, traffic will temporarily use 9th Street for part of the detour. Watch for signage.

From there, Stage 2b will focus on Highway 28, from the intersection to John Street. East and westbound traffic will use John Street instead of Wollan Street when that work begins.

Stage 2 is expected to last until the end of August.


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