39 year old Rachel Ann Spencer of Fairmont was convicted earlier this month in Chippewa County District Court to a felony charge of possessing methamphetamine. She had pleaded guilty to the charges in February. Judge Thomas Van Hon sentenced her to five years of supervised probation and she will pay $300 in fees. She was also given another year of probation and additional fines and fees of $575 for a misdemeanor charge of driving while impaired.


In another drug related case in Chippewa County, meth possession charges were dismissed for 21 year old Cesia Sarahi Gaitan of Hazel Run. Although pleading guilty in January, the judge dismissed the gross misdemeanor charges on Gaitan following a complete chemical assessment.


And in another Montevideo meth case, 46 year old Montevideo resident Eva Leal has been sentenced in Chippewa County to 3 years of supervised probation and fines and fees of $650 after serving 40 days in jail for a felony charge of selling methamphetamine. Leal pleaded guilty in June to the charge.


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