In April of this year, Chandler Industries, a contract manufacturing company with headquarters in Minneapolis, was asked by a long-time customer and manufacturer of ventilators for support in the production of ventilators to meet the urgent and escalating need as COVID-19 was emerging in the United States. Chandler responded by ramping up production in its Montevideo plant. Ultimately, Chandler increased production a staggering 1500% in a matter of weeks.

Recently, Chandler was asked to step up again by producing another large group of ventilator components that Chandler had never before produced. By deploying site teams and developing creative plans at various plants to secure materials and develop tooling, they were able to get up and running to produce additional ventilators in less than 10 days — a job that normally should have taken several weeks. Chandler will continue to produce these new components at all of their sites until mid-October.


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